Different pathways towards climate neutrality

In 2015, at COP21 in Paris, world leaders agreed to (a) aim for a peaking of global greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions as soon as possible, (b) achieve GHG neutrality (‘‘a balance between anthropogenic emissions and removals by sinks”) in the second half of this century, and (c) hold global warming wellbelow 2°C(UNFCCC, 2015). This will require … Read more

Sustainability on a global scale

Sustainable development has been promoted as a holistic concept which aims or targets to integrate social, economic and cultural policies to ensure high-quality growth. There are barriers: •Economic and financial barriers: Economists observed that the dominating development model tends to focus on economic growth as precedence rather than people’s rights or welfare, and environmental processes … Read more


The best policy ideas in the world aren’t worth much if we don’t have activists, experts, and everyday people fighting for change. From school groups to churches; from corporate boardrooms to mayors and local leaders: we need action. Scientists has worked on global warming solutions for over 30 years. Many experts and activists are campaigning … Read more