Sustainability on a global scale

Sustainable development has been promoted as a holistic concept which aims or targets to integrate social, economic and cultural policies to ensure high-quality growth.
There are barriers:
•Economic and financial barriers: Economists observed that the dominating development model tends to focus on economic growth as precedence rather than people’s rights or welfare, and environmental processes and limits. This requires a shift in the worldview from treating the environment as part of the economy to treating the economy as part of the environment. Missing feedback.
•Social barriers: Population growth, unsustainable consumption and production are the biggest social challenges to achieving sustainable development in the world.
•Political barriers: Inadequate methods for policies, plans and projects are the major barrier combating the implementation of sustainable development.
•Institutional barriers: lack of institutional experience to operate all the mechanism of democratic system has been combating and frustrating sustainable development in many developing countries.
•Trade barriers.